You will need
  • statement;
  • signed on the bypass list;
  • the order of dismissal
When you receive you give the admissions office your high school diploma, medical certificate, and a copy of your passport and a copy of the statement with the results of the exam. All of these documents for expulsion from the University must pick up. First, they you will still need, for example, if you want somewhere else to study. Second, what is the point to leave them to gather dust in the College archives.
In order to remove their documents from the University, you must come to the administration of your school and to write down the statement, indicating the reasons for the deductions (if this happens at your own will). It could be family circumstances, medical conditions, change of residence, employment that does not involve parallel learning and transfer to another school. All of these circumstances it is advisable to confirm appropriate help.
After that you need to wait for the publication of the order of dismissal. Keep in mind that this procedure takes quite a long time. Because the decision to expel the student from the University is accepted only on special Commission, which meets once a month. But once it is accepted, consider that half the work is already done.
After that you should be required to sign a certificate as proof that you are nothing in the Institute. As a rule, obligatory and signing are lawyers, accountants, academic Council, library and some departments. When they sign your piece of the bypass, will only assure him in the Dean's office and given to administration. Such coordination can take up to several weeks. Then you will tell me where to come and get your documents.
In fact, this scheme differs only slightly from that when you take away their instruments after graduation. After passing all examinations and defense of diploma need to undergo the same procedure with the bypass sheet to be given your documents. However, for this you can apply only to your Dean's office, because the letter of dismissal does not have to leave. Sign on just as everyone who is listed in the sheet, and again pass it to the Dean's office. In exchange for your documents.