You will need
  • - photocopy of passport
  • - photocopy of the certificate for 9кл(11kl);
  • - autobiography ;
  • - characteristic study;
  • - photos 3x4(4pcs);
  • - reference from place of residence on family composition;
  • - reference from place of study.
Before going to the recruiting office, make a photocopy of your passport and high school diploma. Go to school and take the characteristics and help if you are studying in school. If you are a student of a higher educational institution, the certificate must be made by the Dean. The photo booth take photos. In the passport office to take a certificate of family composition place of residence.
Go to the recruitment office and write a letter to the head of Department VC that registration certificate is lost and you want to restore it. If you do not live at the address of residence, and in another city, then to simplify stand on temporary military registration at the place of residence.
In recruiting employees time come and pick up the document.