Advice 1: How to restore registration certificate

Registration certificate, as it is known, is issued by the military, when a person reaches the age of 16. This document indicates that you are a recruit, and the youth of premilitary age, military service or nevoennaya. If registration certificate is lost, it is necessary to recover.
How to restore registration certificate
You will need
  • - photocopy of passport
  • - photocopy of the certificate for 9кл(11kl);
  • - autobiography ;
  • - characteristic study;
  • - photos 3x4(4pcs);
  • - reference from place of residence on family composition;
  • - reference from place of study.
Before going to the recruiting office, make a photocopy of your passport and high school diploma. Go to school and take the characteristics and help if you are studying in school. If you are a student of a higher educational institution, the certificate must be made by the Dean. The photo booth take photos. In the passport office to take a certificate of family composition place of residence.
Go to the recruitment office and write a letter to the head of Department VC that registration certificate is lost and you want to restore it. If you do not live at the address of residence, and in another city, then to simplify stand on temporary military registration at the place of residence.
In recruiting employees time come and pick up the document.
Be careful. Today, there are many scammers who are trying to sell ready-made registration certificate. All this can be done for free, you just need to collect all the documents and go to the draft Board. Only it should be done as soon as possible, as this document is required for registration and many other documents (e.g., passport). In addition, the registration certificate is required for admission to higher educational institutions.
Useful advice
Even if you have lost the registration certificate, you will not be able to apply penalties as per the law is not spelled out. Terms of the restoration document needs to check with the recruiting office staff. If you can't come to the military enlistment office yourself (for health reasons), then get your registration certificate can any of the parents. In this case, they will need to write a statement on his behalf with a request to restore the document.

Advice 2: How to restore the certificate

The loss of the documents is always an unpleasant event. The loss of the certificate about education is fraught with paperwork. The only plus is that at the moment the recovery school diplomas free. But for the certificates of secondary education will have to pay, so save your documents.
The loss of the certificate of education is fraught with paperwork
You will need
  • Application form
  • Pen, paper
  • Envelopes (if the request is sent to another city)
In case of loss of school certificate you will need to come to the school where you studied and write a statement. The application must be addressed to the Director of the institution with a request to issue a new certificate to replace the lost.
Then the school sends the request to the form of the certificate to the Department (management Committee) on education. By law, these forms must be paid from the city Treasury, but it is possible that local authorities could make changes. Find out about this in advance, not to be in an unpleasant situation.
If you studied in another city, then you will need to submit written form of the statement of securities by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Just keep in mind that school to send a certificate will not. You will have to pick up the certificate in person or to delegate familiar notarized power of attorney.
If you lost your certificate in a vocational school, instead of a new diploma you can issue a certificate.
The certificate shall provide the name of the trained and how long does the training. The statement must specify why you needed a diploma. The students of universities to help make the liner with the estimates. If you need a sure diploma, the duplicate will have to pay.
If you need to restore the University diploma, you will need a certificate from the police about what you said about the missing diploma. This certificate accompanied by a statement addressed to the rector indicating the year of graduation. Then these documents are submitted to the personnel Department or the Secretariat. The school is obliged on request to issue a new diploma is lost. The diploma is written the inscription "duplicate , and the date of issue becomes the date of graduation. State universities and colleges, accredited charge not exceeding double the value of the form.
In that case, if the diploma was issued in my maiden name, and you are already married, then the statement and police clearance certificate is attached copy of the marriage certificate. In spite of this the diploma will be written the old name.
Useful advice
If the University where you studied, reorganized, you can contact the Department of education by the study. Information about your diploma is in a single computer database of issued certificates.
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