The restoration of the diploma should contact the school where you were educated. The data will be recovered on the basis of archival documents. So, if you lost your diploma, please contact the academic part of the University or to the Dean of your faculty.
According to the rules, duplicate diplomas are issued only if original is lost (lost, stolen, damaged by fire, etc.). Therefore, most likely, you'll need to confirm the fact of loss. Depending on the rules of recovery of the documents adopted in your institution may require either a police certificate or a Declaration on the recognition of the original diploma is invalid. For help, you need to contact the district office, police Department, to write a statement about the loss of the diploma and obtain a certificate that the investigative work has not led to the result. If you want the announcement in the media – publish in any local newspaper ad in the following form: "the Diploma in the name of (your name) series such and such, number so and so, issued in a certain year, be considered invalid .
Come to the University with your passport and police clearance certificate (or clipping) and write a statement requesting a duplicate diploma in the loss of the original. In addition, you'll need to pay in educational institution or the Bank the value of the form. Sample receipt you will be given upon receipt of the application.
The restoration of a lost diploma is a long process and, depending on the University, could take from one month to six months.