Go to the station. Probably the most traditional way to get to Tver to come there by train. Station Tver is located on the October railway, which connects Moscow and Saint Petersburg. So if you often travel on the route Moscow - St. Petersburg (or Vice versa), then you know that you are quite free, not reaching to the end, to get out in Tver and walk around this marvelous city. If you live in any other village, no matter on the October railway or not, then, in principle, also can easily get to Tver by train. However, it may be, will have to go with a change, but this should not disrupt your plans, if you want to look at a monument to Athanasius Nikitin.
Refill the gas tank. In Tver can be quite easy to get by car. Through the city passes the highway "Russia", connecting Moscow and Saint Petersburg. In addition, from the borders of Tver start line on the Rzhev, Volokolamsk, as well as a number of routes of local importance. With a personal car you will not depend on the schedule nor the availability of tickets. A great way to get to the city, especially if the distance is not so great.
All on the air! If the distance is still great, and neither by train nor by car there is no desire to go, you can save the airport Zmeevo. However, it works only for domestic flights to and from Tokyo or Manchester you are unlikely to get air to Tver. However, for Russians it is quite acceptable. Even if there is no direct flight to Tver from your city, you can get to Moscow, and from there to Tver as hand. By Russian standards.
Boat on the water! In Tver there Volga and river station. So, you can reach the homeland of the table Bradis on the water. The author, of course, encourages you to get on boats or catamarans (although, from the nearby villages for sure it would be interesting), but a cruise on a ship to Tver or through Tver you can make. It will, of course, highly original way of delivery itself, in Tver, but the most memorable.
Travel to Russia and the Tver too don't forget!