Select the Conservatory. These institutions are not in all regional cities, so choose a Conservatory can be the degree of remoteness from your hometown. Also should inquire about the level of teaching in one way or another Conservatory on the desired field of study.
Gather the necessary documents. The list can be found on the website of the appropriate Conservatory or on the phone. Usually it is a passport, a document about the end of music school, medical certificate, photographs, certificate of passing the exam (this is traditionally the Russian language and literature). If you're in the vocal Department, the document on leaving music College is optional, it is enough certificate of graduation.
Next, you need to come to the Conservatory and apply. It should arrive a few days before the beginning of entrance examinations. You will be able to accustom on a new place to try out musical instruments, to rehearse the opening program. Usually non-resident students provided with hostel.
Pass the entrance exam. The Conservatory is entitled to set additional entrance examinations of creative orientation. Typically, this is a specialty where we examine the possession of a musical instrument; a Colloquium, where we examine General erudition; solfeggio and harmony (or music theory). Entrance examinations are assessed on a scale.
If all goes well, and you score enough points, then a few days after the last entrance test search for my name in the order of enrollment. And good luck to you on your chosen path!