Get a quality liberal arts education in one of the universities of St. Petersburg. Be a good philosopher, linguist, or historian can be enrolling in Leningrad state University. Pushkin. In this University there are also departments of mathematics, psychology, Economics.
At the Russian state pedagogical University. Herzen is possible to obtain a higher education both for humanitarian and other fields. Here are preparing future teachers in biology, geography, information technology, physics, chemistry and many other Sciences.
Saint-Petersburg state University is one of the most famous and prestigious in Russia and the CIS countries. Here you will be able to receive a great classical education, choosing their profession from a fairly wide list. By the way, this University graduated the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.
Go to one of the technical schools of the city. If the Humanities do not seduce you, explore the specialty available in the Baltic state technical University. Here are trained in the following areas: aircraft and aerospace, heat power engineering, radio engineering, power engineering. A technical speciality in St-Petersburg state mining University them. Plekhanov. Saint-Petersburg state technological University also trains technical specialists.
Among other universities of different directions in the Northern capital it is possible to note the Academy of Russian ballet and the St. Petersburg state Academy of theatre arts. For young people who want to bind their lives with military service there are naval, Military space and Military medical Academy. Creative people will be able to find employment after graduating from the St. Petersburg state Conservatory.