Fill out the application form on the competition for vacant posts. The statement written in the name of the head of Department, indicating your passport details, place of residence and contact telephone number. The application form can be downloaded from the website of that public authority from which you plan to enter the service.
Fill out the form. Its form can also be downloaded on the official website of the state body. In the form you have to specify your personal data, employment, academic degree (if she has), awards and other achievements, as well as trips abroad and their goals. To the application form goes will attach two photos 3x4.
Write your own autobiography. It is composed in a free form. As a rule, detailed description of your professional development. In the first place, and the date and place of your birth, then educational institution in which you studied. You need to specify the year of graduation, and brief achievements (medals, awards, participation in competitions). It then describes learning in higher education: year of admission and release, specialty, qualifications and status of received diploma. If you were awarded a degree, that indicates years of postgraduate study, doctoral studies and diplomas, confirming the assignment of these titles. If there are awards and diplomas, they are also mentioned in the autobiography.
Provide documents (and their copies) proving your identity and identifying. It is a passport, SNILS, INN.
Provide documents about your education (and their copies). This higher education diploma (completed refresher courses, qualification courses) and diplomas confirming the assignment of scientific degrees (if available).
In a psychoneurological and narcological clinic at the place of residence take the reference about the absence of disease. The clinic will issue a medical certificate. Please note that the design of these certificates is a paid procedure. The cost depends on the region and medical institutions.
Attach a photocopy of the work book (if you work), certified by the personnel Department. If you have not worked, it is not necessary to provide the work book.