The seller. Sellers are required for different categories of goods, from Souvenirs to swimwear. The maximum earnings in areas with large traffic. Usually, a day is the standard wage — 500-700 rubles, and a percentage of sales. To get in any rinachka resort town or through ads. Requirements are low: no experience, pleasant appearance, without bad habits. But usually work at least 12 hours a day. If you sell food products, necessary health book.
Cashier. In network shops "the Magnet" in the Krasnodar territory there is a special offer — to work 3 months, get 4 salaries. Due to the large flow of people have to work a lot, that's why the owners and offers such conditions. Often the need is a cashiers, service people, and professionals for display of goods. Sometimes these jobs are combined into one. Per season salary is 120 thousand rubles.
Maid. All guest houses, hotels and pensions should be removed. And the cleaning staff is needed everywhere. Take people with any level of experience and education. But the workload can be different. Most often most of the work in the morning hours before checkout time, then you need to prepare rooms for the new arrival. But evenings are always free. This is a job for those who combines work and rest. Work at sea in 2016 maid costs from 20 thousand per month.
Kitchen employee. All cafes, restaurants, bars and canteens invite laborers. They do dishwashing, cleaning, preparing food. Most often, the device requires a valid health book. Earnings can range from 20 to 60 thousand per month, all depends on schedule and workload. A good worker can replace another a porter, a cleaner and get them paid.
Administrator. Administrators in restaurants, hotels, beauty salons — people who meet with clients, conduct documentation. Such a position accept people with good looks, ability to communicate with people. Salary depends on the schedule, often have to work day and night. The minimum bet is 30 thousand per month.
Waiter. The waiters in the outdoor cafes receive a small salary, but they have good tips. But the system is different: sometimes the money earned you can pick yourself, and in some places they are collected in "common Fund" and divide all workers. Conditions can be clarified in advance. And although the work is hard — a lot of time on the feet, it can generate a very substantial income in passable places.
Animator. Entertainment adults and children is an important part of the holiday. In good boarding houses constantly leading offer to attend entertainment events from morning exercise to the evening disco. But such a position you take anyone who has experience in this field. Need to know what to say, what to do and how to amuse people of all ages. Children's animation is a babysitter with which to leave children for a few hours.
Counselor or educator. In hundreds of camps every year requires counselors and educators. For this job you're not qualified, sanitary book and the skills to work with kids. The salary is not too high, but it included room and Board. Hire workers on such positions is often not for a month, and replaced. The duration of one-in 20-22 days.
Find a job for the summer should start in the spring. The maximum number of vacancies in April-may, at this time I decided to negotiate about, and begin to have in June. Of course, people in the summer will also be required, great offers already understand. A lot of job offers employment agencies, they give guarantee, but take part of the earnings. Cheaper to call directly to the employer.
Part of the job of the sea provide housing. But if not, think about the room or apartment in advance. In season, the cost of even very modest housing increases by 50-100%. Each village has areas that are remote from the sea, settled there and the people who came to earn. The rent is always cheaper than accommodation for 1-2 weeks.