In presenting and issuing diplomas must adhere to certain rules. Are awarded on the basis of Regulations on the diploma, developing appropriate manufacturing, public, trade Union organizations and the city Administration. Rules for the submission of necessary documents and information about the award are prescribed in each case separately.
Certificate of merit is awarded to the employee in a solemn ceremony and it is dated for an anniversary or other event associated with his employment. The appearance and decoration of this document should be fit for purpose, be attractive and solid.
Diplomas are printed on the forms are made printed, the format of the sheets, usually A4. Used for the manufacture of high-quality coated paper. Font to choose a major and contrast, well readable from a distance. Like any official document on the letterhead of the diplomas needs to be applied to remedy or complex ornamental stylization.
Pay attention to the text part of the document, its semantic content. At the top, place the logo and name of company or organization without the use of abbreviations and acronyms. In a special field and enter your surname, name and patronymic of the award. In the following, write the reason of awarding, adhering to the business style.
Honorary diploma must be signed by the head of the company, authority or organization, the signature must be with a transcript and date of signing. In the lower left corner in place for printing must bear the stamp certifying the signature of the Director.
Information about the awarding for labor achievements, including awarding diplomas entered in the work book according to the Decree of the RF Government dated 16 April 2003. № 225 "On labor books".