First, make sure that the experience of your work in this area is at least fifteen years, including at least three years in the same organization. This is the minimum period required to obtain title.
Depending on what field you work, prepare documents confirming your achievement. For example, employee education and science need to take help in which are listed: academic rank, position, direction of research, expertise and experience in the activities of the teacher, the number of prepared students (as well as how many of them became candidates of Sciences), list of scientific papers, diplomas, patents, grants, awards and other things. The certificate shall contain not all scientific work, but only the most significant ones.
No matter where you work, a candidate for the title of Honored worker put forward in the staff meeting. After discussion, the meeting makes a decision on whether to send the application to the right Committee on honorary title.
Send the documents to the appropriate organization. In particular, if you are a worker of education and science, and the application for your case will be considered in the Presidium of the Russian Academy of natural Sciences.
Expect a decision by the Commission conferring the title. It is sent to the specified documents to the address for about two months.
The solemn service of documents on receiving the title of Honored worker and the badge occurs at the staff meeting, scientific sessions and conferences, but if you worker of culture on major festivals.
If your candidate is for some reason denied, you may submit another application no earlier than two years.
The holder of the title Honored worker in any field shall be paid the allowance, provided the extra allowance or salary, as well as discounted vouchers for holidays in sanatoria and boarding houses.