Select from among your employees, people who for a long time faithfully done his work and worthy of awarding a Ministerial diploma. They should have a great experience, a special contribution to the development of resources and technologies of the enterprise and other achievements, should have no disciplinary violations and penalties.
Spend a staff meeting where you will present the candidates for the delivery of Ministerial certificates. The team members need to discuss these candidates, to make suggestions and adjustments. Be sure to keep a record of this meeting.
The final decision should be taken by you and senior members of the organization. Make a motion to award the Ministerial certificate of the person whose candidature was endorsed by a collective meeting and submit it to the state authorities at the local level. Hence, the petition will be sent for the approval of an authorized representative of the President.
To the application please attach a sheet of premium, filled in form, the minutes of the meeting of the members of the team, help from the IRS confirming the absence of debts of the employer to the budget, the certificate of no arrears of wages to employees, a description of the candidate in receipt of Ministerial ratification.
Keep in mind that the proceedings may not be longer than six months from the moment of decision about it at a staff meeting.
In premium sheet correctly complete the sections in full compliance with the requirements of the law. All personal data of the candidate write fully without abbreviations (as in passport), specify correctly the title of the position; also, no abbreviations write the gender and place of birth, education and achievements.
Make a presentation of Ministerial certificates in a solemn ceremony in front of all team members.