Advice 1: How to write a feature for awarding

If the company management decided to award the employee, the HR Department or his supervisor are required to write a feature on the employee. Although the text of this document is made in any form, the basic rules of writing still exist.
How to write a feature for awarding
If the feature requested to write to supervisor of this employee, you need to request in the personnel Department with all necessary information and data on rewards and promotions.
In the description for the award must focus on the professional and business qualities of the employee. To compile, you can use the documents prepared for the last certification. Characteristic is an official document therefore is issued in accordance with GOST R 6.30-2003, which sets out the requirements for documentation.
Break the text features on several structural blocks that are logically related to each other. Start writing it from the title, in which, after the words "characteristics of" indicate the surname, name and patronymic of the employee, his position.
Briefly write the details of his questionnaire, specify the year and place of birth, schools they had been completed and the fields that were obtained in the learning process. In a few words reflect his career before he went to work on your business and family status.
The main text of the specifications for the award should contain a description of the business and professional qualities of the employee. Reflect all the stages of a career employee in the enterprise, what year and on what positions he worked. Describe the range of issues that it has decided by virtue of their professional and official duties.
Specify the projects in which he participated. Tell us about the contribution made by the employee in the development of your company and the accomplishments and labour victories, which it is proud. Reflect how it was noted and encouraged that participation.
Tell us about how to develop the employee professionally, what additional education, and what courses and in what year he graduated. List the scientific papers, if any, notice in any conferences and professional trade shows attended will be awarded.
Assess the personal qualities of the applicant for the award, check his communication skills, credibility in the workplace, honesty, hard work, dedication and integrity.
Specify in the feature, what the occasion is planned awarding of an employee.

Advice 2: How to write characterization, sample

Feature for employee is an official document in which the head writes a review about the service and about the public activities of the employee. Characterization is a description of the career of the employee, his professional and moral qualities.
Sample characteristics
You will need
  • Official letterhead, printing
When writing features, you must follow the rules of formatting common business documents. For the proper design features necessary letterhead and seal. The compilation characteristics are usually assigned to the representative of the administration or to the immediate supervisor of the employee.
In the first part of the specifications necessary to indicate the surname, name and patronymic of the employee, the date of his birth, position and education. During the first part of the characteristic allowable in the center of the page or in the top right corner. In the latter case, personal data are generated in a column. In addition, in the first part of characteristics, you must specify the reference number assigned to this document in the course of registration.
In the second part of characteristics specifies the name of the firm or company, and the scope of its activities. Then specify the position occupied by the employee, the period of work on this place and functions included in the duties of the employee. When drawing up the specifications to third-party organizations indicated career growth with a listing of all their posts.
In the third part of characteristics gives an objective assessment of both personal and business qualities of the employee. Evaluation of the worker is made according to the following criteria:

• Competence in the professional field.

• Performance.

• Business skills (for managerial staff)

• Work ethics and psychological qualities

Here are information on incentives received by the employee during work, and the penalties, if any, was the place to be. A separate sub-item may describe the relationship of the employee with the team.
In the final part of data are given for the purpose for which the document was formed and the name of the organization for which the document was intended. In addition, specify the date of the document and put the signature of the Recommender affixed with the seal of the institution.
Evaluation report of the employee is written from a third party in any form.
Useful advice
When preparing specifications for internal use focuses attention on the creative potential of the employee. To specify the location where you want to provide a feature, not necessarily.

Advice 3: How to write a feature of the workplace

Characteristics of the working places is comprehensive information about the requirements and loads at the workplace. It is used in the selection and hiring of personnel and the certification of specialists.
How to write a feature of the workplace
The workplace is the primary element of any company and represents the area of labor action of the contractor to perform a specific job. When composing features , first specify its name, classification group and number of employees. Enterprises of all production locations are closely connected among themselves. How each has a direct influence on the rhythm of collective work and the results of its work.
Be sure to check the individual's workplace or collective. When an individual secured for him a permanent employee, a collective designed to perform work by multiple people. Often on productions, for example, sub-enterprises, individual working places spetsializiruyutsya operations of the technological process. In this case, few jobs created production line.
Then proceed to the description of the content of this site. List all major job functions. Give technical feature of the work. Specify the contents, tools and organization of work.
Then list the requirements that apply to the employee's qualifications. Determine the required level of education, specialization, professional experience. If the workplace is on the shop, check the claim of a physical nature: muscle load, posture, visual acuity, hearing, effects of the environment. In some plants it is necessary to specify the mental characteristics: the uniformity and monotony of the work, a willingness to be cooperative efforts, the ability to regulate, the existence of a collective spirit.
The characteristics also indicate the specialization of work places. This includes the establishment of a specific production profile, as well as the respective consolidation of similar operations, equipment, allocation of responsibilities.
In the future, just observing all these characteristics, you will get a rational organization of work places subject to the power and specialization of the company, the nature in technological processes and their sequence.
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