If the feature requested to write to supervisor of this employee, you need to request in the personnel Department with all necessary information and data on rewards and promotions.
In the description for the award must focus on the professional and business qualities of the employee. To compile, you can use the documents prepared for the last certification. Characteristic is an official document therefore is issued in accordance with GOST R 6.30-2003, which sets out the requirements for documentation.
Break the text features on several structural blocks that are logically related to each other. Start writing it from the title, in which, after the words "characteristics of" indicate the surname, name and patronymic of the employee, his position.
Briefly write the details of his questionnaire, specify the year and place of birth, schools they had been completed and the fields that were obtained in the learning process. In a few words reflect his career before he went to work on your business and family status.
The main text of the specifications for the award should contain a description of the business and professional qualities of the employee. Reflect all the stages of a career employee in the enterprise, what year and on what positions he worked. Describe the range of issues that it has decided by virtue of their professional and official duties.
Specify the projects in which he participated. Tell us about the contribution made by the employee in the development of your company and the accomplishments and labour victories, which it is proud. Reflect how it was noted and encouraged that participation.
Tell us about how to develop the employee professionally, what additional education, and what courses and in what year he graduated. List the scientific papers, if any, notice in any conferences and professional trade shows attended will be awarded.
Assess the personal qualities of the applicant for the award, check his communication skills, credibility in the workplace, honesty, hard work, dedication and integrity.
Specify in the feature, what the occasion is planned awarding of an employee.