Every newbie must know that the first six months or a year, he will have to literally live in his company. And it's more than working for someone without holiday and weekends. Such load, not every stand.

Tips for beginners

1. What you need to focus the beginner, it will be enough strength, patience and money. And then only act. And let's not forget that in the case without a soul nothing will come of it.

2. Choose the idea should be, relying on the experience in the field that he chooses. Selecting idea and the scope of activities, it is necessary to study what it is. Explore all the chips. To identify weaknesses. How much cash it will have to invest.

3. The beginner needs to be ready for any difficulties. Since he's a rookie, many roads will be closed. And opens only increase the success and credibility. Easy beginner will not. That's for sure.

4. Need to find a partner or partners. And not to forget about customers. Customers for the first time can be found through a friend.

Market niche

First. As mentioned above, the calculation of the initial investments. If the newcomer does not want problems with the loan, you will have to weed out many of the desired options.

Second. License (permit), according to the norms it is required by law. And it can be quite expensive and not every newbie will be able to pay for it. In some cases, there may be a number of problems. Such as, the delay in the period of receipt of special education for business, the requirement of a bribe for the accelerated receipt of the license.

Third. Knowledge and experience in a particular business field. The beginner will find it easier to manage your business with estate experience. If the beginner has sufficient funds, and can single-handedly run a business, it can act as a passive investor. Leading the business through a hired expert.

Fourth. Competition. The beginner needs to find out advantages and market position in its chosen business. The presence and amount, in percentage, of the competition.

Fifth. Marketing. To the beginner it is very helpful to increase the demand for its products and attract new customers.