Diploma for certain services – a synthesis of the genre of congratulations and official-business style, so the text of this document should be used as the solemn words, and neutral (literary) vocabulary. While traditional literacy (the employee of the company or the outstanding student), you cannot use the token of a personal relationship to the awardees. Official certificates are issued on behalf of the company or institution, but not personally from the Director, teacher or member of the jury.
In the professional world certificate is a Testament to the skill and qualifications of the employee, therefore, rewarding him for his effective work, write a letter in formal business style. Use words from professional vocabulary, but not slang. Focus on the uniqueness of the reward the employee and his invaluable contribution to the prosperity of the enterprise. Be sure to specify in the document what kind of service awarded to the employee. In recent times, these letters and testimonies are especially valued and can play an important role in the employment summary by worker or at the time of booking the highest category seniority.
As a rule, the diploma is issued for specific achievements: participation in a competition, winning the particular Olympics. Thus, the text letters must specify the full official name of professional competition, for victory in which you reward employees.
Certificates, issued on behalf of the authorities having official status, is printed on the letterhead of the company or of organized professional test. A thank-you page should have the title "Charter", contain valid ceremonial greeting text. In the letter should have the name and the name of the awarded, it is desirable to specify its position (or group number, if student). At the end of the ratification date of award signature of the representative of the managers of the company and corporate seal.