Licenses are temporary (about education) and in perpetuity (i.e. indefinitely). After obtaining a license of IP may start to work directly. My work SP can produce throughout Russia and even under the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation. Licensing authorities at the Federal level, but some types of IP carried out the subjects of the Russian Federation. License, which is issued by the authorities will also be active on the whole territory of Russia, if will be informed about another subject, which will be carried out entrepreneurial activity.

In the list of licensing includes more than 50 items. The most famous:

1. Passenger carriage, transportation, transporting more than 7 people.

2. Pharmaceutical and medical activities.

3. Educational.

4. The management of apartment houses.

5. Repair and maintenance of fire safety.

In order to obtain a license, you should contact the right authority with a written statement. In this statement specifies the details of the licensee and the other required data. Attached to the application copies of constituent documents, regulations on licensing, other documentation and inventory of them. Everything has to be certified by a notary. Statement of licensing considered within 45 working days, for certain types of activities, the review period can be reduced.

In the document on the license to indicate:

1. Name of body which issued the license

2. Full or abbreviated name of organization, legal form, address, phone number, state registration number of the establishment of the organization.

3. Name of the entrepreneur, his passport number, registration number as IE.

4. Activity.

5. Period as to act, and license number.

6. INN

7. The date of the decision on granting the license.

The license may be suspended if many times were revealed gross violations of the requirements of the license. The owner is given a deadline to correct the mistakes. Within 6 months it needs to eliminate all the mistakes, otherwise the license will be revoked. If the employer has eliminated all of its violations, it shall report this in writing to the licensing authority. Next, after checking the application, within 3 days, I received a letter, the licensing authority must also give a written reply on the resumption of the license, or extension of the time limit for correction of mistakes an entrepreneur.

Engage in entrepreneurial activities without a license may result in a punishment according to the relevant articles of the administrative and criminal code of the Russian Federation. On the basis of article 14 of the administrative code of the enterprise which is subject to compulsory licensing, have not licensed, and works without it, is punishable by a fine in the amount of 5000 rubles with confiscation of goods or without it, depending on the decision of the court. If the organization has caused great damage to the state, then the entrepreneur shall be punished according to article 171 of the criminal code (criminal code).