Start Adobe Photoshop to create the letter. Create a new document, set the size to 480 to 580, a resolution of 300 pixels. Apply to the background layer noise (menu "Filter" – "Add noise"). Next, apply the Filter "Gaussian Blur", radius to 4 pixels.
Then do "Image" – "Adjustments" – "hue/saturation", select the check box for "Rendering" select a color value to 55, saturation to 25. Set the foreground color – light beige, rear – white.
Create a new layer, select the instrument "Rectangular selection" a quarter of the image, apply the command "Filter" – "Render" – "Clouds". Drag the fragment to the whole picture by using an arbitrary transformation, set the layer blend mode to "Overlay". Create another layer, fill with white color and apply the filter "Mail paper", obestochte it. Glue the resulting layers.
Create a new layer. To generate certificates you will need a print. Make a circular selection and fill it with brick color. Make another layer, invert the selection. Take a hard brush, draw it edge print.
In the layer style select "Emboss" and "Contour". Again invert the selection, go to the layer with the circle, take the brush, paint over the edges, then apply the same styles and make blur.
I print the lettering using the Text tool, apply the embossing. Then make the sign at the top of the list "Honorary certificate", apply any style.
If necessary, add the image of the state coat of arms - to do this, open it in Photoshop, copy the layer with the emblem to a file with a letter, place at the top of the sheet, choose the desired size using random transformation. Follow the mixing layers. Save the file in Jpeg format, name the "Diploma". Create diplomas completed.