Find out accurate information about that person that you are going to congratulate. Full name, age and occupation. If you had to write a greeting to a pupil or student, be sure to specify the name of the school, course, class. If you are interested in the identity of a working man, find out his specialty and education.
Find the appropriate form. Currently, it is quite possible to create with different graphic and text editors in the computer, and then output through the printer on a special paper. If this option does not suit you. The form can be purchased at the bookstore (there are a standard set) or order from a special Agency dedicated to creating business cards.
Consider the text of your greeting. Remember respectful form of address and the solemn nature of the content. As text you can choose the right meaning of the poem, the usual mundane greeting or by completing a designated line, just dry to write to whom and for what.
If you decide to use poetry in order to beautiful and unusual text letters, then you should find really suitable. For this purpose the most simple yet sophisticated way is to write them yourself. This option is good only if you are confident in yourself as a poet. Otherwise, to help in your idea you could search on the Internet. Visit the special services and forums, order work on the exchange of freelancers. Or just find your friends who will happily create a poetic compliments.
Write the text using to highlight particularly important moments in a contrasting color pastes. Keep track of the overall literacy and clean document. Remember a special semantic construction of the text letters. At the top you should write the title of the document. Then write the name of the one awarded according to distinction. Just below should report on the achievement of the individual. At the bottom of the letters on the left side is written the abbreviation and information about the person who gives the document. In the lower right corner is the transcript name and signature of the donor. The center will include painting and printing, guaranteeing the formality of this type of award. At the bottom center, place the year of issuance.
Give to the Secretary for signature and seal.