However, if a knowledgeable person will go to the village and start to do business, he never lost from lack of Finance. First and foremost is to deal with different business ideas that you can do at your summer cottage or in the countryside.

1. The most popular way of earning in rural areas is the growing greens. This business does not require large investments, and deal with them at any time. Initially, you can grow herbs outdoors, and the coming of winter to move to the greenhouse. First you need to buy the seeds of various green plants. The herbs include dill, parsley, chives, sorrel and salad and more. It is especially advantageous to sell in early spring radishes. For this you need to build a greenhouse and sow the seeds. To prefer better early-maturing varieties of radishes, as this will allow you to collect an early harvest.

2. Implementation of home-canned pickles can also bring a good profit. In order to get into this business, you need to have raw vegetables and fruits as well as jars, lids and a device for rolling cans. Well, if you have a large garden, where there is everything necessary for pickles. Fruits and vegetables you can buy in bulk, and then resell preservation on the market.

3. A special role is reserved garlic. This vegetable is in great demand among the population, and its price makes it attractive to growing this crop. In order to get good profit from cultivation of garlic, you'll need a large plot of land, and the ability to care for the culture. Garlic can be diluted and grown in different climatic conditions. Also in the village can actively engage in the cultivation of mushrooms. Oyster mushrooms and champignons are on the market demand, so that any mushroomer will tell you that this Commerce is very beneficial.

This is not a detailed list of business thoughts that you can do in the country or in rural areas. The skillful approach to any business person will be able to get a good profit.