You will need
  • Computer
  • A printer (preferably color)
  • Paper A-4
Open the Word document via the start – programs – Microsoft Word.
On the toolbar, specify format: Format: Topic. Identify the main topic of the document. For example, the theme of "Summer" will display a bright yellow background which gradually fades into a dull shade.
Create main headers in the document, to do this, after selecting the toolbar style, font, and number font.
Determine the center of the document header with the largest font number, you can also use italic letters (toolbar). For example, "AWARDED". Further, a smaller font number to specify the surname, name, patronymic. After that, enter the reason (for example, for hard work). The content of the letters, choose to your taste.
The resulting document can be placed in the frame, on the toolbar choose Format – Frame.
Left to send the document to print. Click on the toolbar File – Print, or use Ctrl+P.