The petition is written in a different form depending on the sphere of labor in which people work and available rewards. For example, if we are talking about the results to the employee of an educational institution of the badge "Honorary worker of education", do the following: pedagogical Council, General staff meeting or another collegial management body of the institution raises the question of employee performance to the reward and make a decision. This should be reflected in the minutes of the meeting of the team.
On the list of established sample printed text, in which the applicant, provide the following information: the full name of the institution and its address, the surname, name and patronymic of the worker, scientific rank (if any), his experience in the field of education in General and in this team, position, qualification category. Is characteristic, which reflects all the basic services of an employee in this field, his achievements in the education and upbringing of the younger generation, as well as success in science. This document is signed by the head of the institution, and if the award represent himself, his Deputy.
The petition is sent to the Board of education of the city or other municipality where it will be reviewed and then submitted to the Ministry of education and science of Russia.
After a positive decision and obtain the required documents, the head of the institution at a General staff meeting in a solemn ceremony of presenting the award. In the work book entry of the award.
If the application received a reasoned refusal, a further application can be submitted no earlier than two years. The question of the award must be peer-reviewed, and the documents re-filed in the office.