You will need
  • computer.
First make the cap cover sheet. On the top line write "Federal Agency by training" (all caps, without quotes). Line align in the center. The font size should be 14. Select the inscription in bold, font Times New Roman.
Go to a new line and there write the full name of your school. This name is also spelled in capital letters. The font size is the same, highlight in bold is not necessary.
Back to line down. On the second line you write the name of the faculty, the third – the name of the Department, on the fourth – the name of the specialty. All that you need to write in normal font, then there is no need to do all caps. Each new line start with capital letters. Punctuation marks do not need to put down. Leave the font the same as before.
Descend a further three lines down. On the fourth line, you write the type of your work. This may be the abstract, examination, laboratory, course, etc. the Type of work you need to write in capital letters, allocating boldface. The size needs to be increased to 20. Location – in the center.
Back down another two lines and on the third write the topic of your work. First, you write "topic Title". Of course, without the quotes. The font size 18. The location of the center. After writing the name of your theme by selecting it in bold.
Drop down four lines down. Capital letters at the fifth and sixth lines, write "student" and your name, "Manager" and his name. It allowed the use of options "completed" and "checked" depending on the work. All that you need to write 14 characters, putting the right alignment.
At the very bottom of the page to remain to the edge of the 1-2 lines, write 14 print the name of the city. Further, a space and the year of performance. All write without abbreviations, that is, leave the word "year".