The total size of the initial capital will amount to several hundred thousand rubles. This amount depends on the rental prices of land plots in specific regions and the scale at which it is planned to carry out entrepreneurial activity.

To embody this idea is to those people who have an interest in working on the ground and love to devote a lot of time to this occupation. However, if the businessman has good financial ability, he can hire professionals who will be doing the work for him. The entrepreneur will search for buyers of products and the organization of the process.

To organize a business, need to rent a plot size of not less than 20 acres. It is this area that will be optimal for the development of profitable business. When choosing a site, the entrepreneur needs to pay attention to such factors as the type of soil and the presence or absence of water supply system. Before planting garlic soil should be fertilized to improve the quality of the products.

An important condition for opening their own business is to purchase the necessary gardening equipment (containers, tools for cultivation of land), whose total cost will be around 50 000-60 000.

At the initial stage will need to be planted several varieties of garlic, which must be resistant to cold and temperature changes. Purchase seedlings will require approximately 3, 000. to grow a quality crop, you need to follow all the basic rules for planting and care of garlic. The most favorable period for planting is the end of September. It was at this time the soil temperature falls to +10 °C.

Selling garlic can bring a good income, however, depends on qualitative characteristics, and the scale of production. Profit for the year from product sales is approximately 200 000. the Costs associated with establishing a business, will pay off in about a year.