Text letters is usually made in official and business style. Although the diploma usually consists of one sentence, the hallmarks of this style have time to manifest. For example, the use of templates and clichés. If other styles of templates is bad and speaks of the limitations of the literary talent of the author, for official-business style of the phrase, as if trimmed with the same brush is a normal phenomenon. In such phrases it is best visible sense, but in the official papers accuracy and clarity are paramount.
However, everything depends on the situation. Letters are different and are given in connection with different events and activities. Of course, if the student has finished the fifth class on one quintuples, and the Director personally signs the letter, the letter that should be strong, dry, but in the most concise way of expressing gratitude to the student. But if we are talking about some creative competition, and certificates can be more creative. In General, the certificate must comply with the spirit of the event.
When writing letters, whatever it was, creative or not, the most important is accuracy. You need to choose someone who is beautiful and clear writing. Letters should not go beyond the border line, does not need to jump from string to string. Still, the Charter is an official paper and must conform to its status.
Of course, you can buy certificates from the office supply store, where everything is already decorated, and you will only need to enter the name of the person to whom the certificate is awarded and fill in the line listing his achievements. But it is possible to make the text letters, which will be more cordial, even within the framework of rigor and formality. Now everywhere there are printers and computers, certificates can be printed, and your genius kids are these letters, which nobody else has.