Many people do not do the collecting, just keep the battle honors of their grandfathers and great grandfathers. For better preservation of awards and medals they need to properly execute. The easiest way to design can be a making a homemade tablet.
Buy in-store chocolates in packaging with transparent plastic cover. Box size will determine the number of awards that must be placed. You may need several boxes, or one large.
Open the box. From the kit you will only be interested in the transparent cover. Carefully rinse cap with all stickers.
From a piece of hardboard cut out a rectangle the size of the cover (less than 1-2mm on all sides).
Take a piece of green or dark-green velvet (orders and medals look best it on a green velvet) and glue them to the rectangle of hardboard with glue "Moment".
Draw on velvet or a thin piece of chalk a straight line on which you place the medals and decorations.
Take welcome (sewing Velcro, consisting of brushed parts and the parts with the hooks-hooks), cut it into small pieces (2-3 cm) and shoot the fuzzy part of the Velcro pieces stapled on the planned line.
Pieces with hooks-hooks slip into the pins of the orders and attach them to the fuzzy part. Awards and medals will be firmly and securely fastened. If necessary, they can always be easily removed.
Screw awards and medals in the tablet make a small hole with an awl. Screw the badge insert in the hole, screw the back of the tablet.
On the screen from top to wear the transparent cover from a box of chocolates. Make on the tablet to the rear two holes for hanging the tablet on the wall.
This method of registration of medals and decorations allows you to securely and long to store them, not fearing to spoil. Also, you can easily and quickly view the collection, or, conversely, to hide it in the closet or safe.