You will need
  • address folder;
  • - a sheet of white paper in A3 format;
  • - a computer with installed graphic and text editor;
  • - printer color printing.
Start with selecting the folder. It is an important part of greeting'. Inside it you put the sheet with the text. Address folders sold in office supply stores or retail outlets at the printers and centers of printing. As a rule, they are made of leather or imitation leather red or Burgundy color. On the outside there are various inscriptions: "happy anniversary", "60th anniversary", "50", etc.
Inside the folder is often a special put a white sheet on which to print the greeting. If the inner page is missing, immediately (before the purchase) check whether placed in the folder standard paper of A3. This is important because a congratulatory address printed on two A4 sheets looks solid enough.
Select the style of a congratulatory address. Although the strict requirements do not exist, stick to the official format. In the design of the ' preferred use of muted colors and nevychurny decorative elements.
Prepare various design options in a text or graphical editor. Background greeting ' do discreet, unsaturated, even slightly blurred. It should not distract attention from the text. Choose the light shades of blue, green, beige.
Sheet edge draw frame. In text and graphic editors laid ample opportunity to select a framework shaped elements and the thickness of the lines. Consider the combination of the various parts congratulatory addresses. Framing should not be to the fore. A good option is the frame that angles drawn small decorative parts such as hinges, and the main part consists of a smooth solid lines. If in doubt about the color selection, use the universal solution – black frame blends in with any background. Don't enclose photos.
Posting pictures, try a few of the options: image for text, images, under, over or around the text, the picture on the left side of the sheet, and the text on the right. Most harmoniously looks last combination. As an illustration, you can use the picture of jubilee, congratulating the organization logo, theme pictures, or drawings appropriate to the solemn occasion. For example, a congratulatory address, presented to the serviceman in connection with the award of the title, it is appropriate to complement the image of military equipment.
Write the text of the congratulatory address. In this list the merits of the recipient, enter a reason, which is given this address, Express wishes and gratitude. Most often greetings I am writing on behalf of the whole staff, for example, "Dear Ivan Ivanovich! The team of LLC "energy of the XXI century" congratulate You with the 50th anniversary!". You can then use the expressions "we" and "your colleagues". Signs congratulatory address to the head of the organization. At the end be sure to put the date of delivery and print.
Choose a font and align text and a picture. Give preference to letters simply faces. The size of the main text must be at least 14 points, the treatment of type larger – the size of 22-24 points.
Print first version on a color printer. Make the necessary changes: fix random errors, correct color combination and positioning of text and graphical elements. Print the final version and attach to the folder.