Properly organized concept allows to reduce various expenses. In addition, a procedure for the receipt of bets and wages allows to increase the productivity and improve the emotional atmosphere in the team.


There are several varieties of such systems. Such as piecework and hourly. The difference lies in the definition of the result of the labor process. The time payment is made in case the binding rate of an employee to the amount of waste they time. In the case of a dependence of wages from the manufactured goods are piece-rate payment.

In addition there are different cash incentives. This is done for the motivation of the subordinate and improve the quality of its performance.

There is also a traditional concept, which is based on the professionalism of the employee. While unconventional evaluates the contribution to the final result. A good leader must be able to understand which system is suitable for a particular case.


The first step is to assess the performance of the company and its employees. Then you have to divide the payroll into several parts. One is paid off by the income, and the other is included in the price of the goods. Then conduct a personnel inspection. This information will determine the category that brings the best result.

In the case of opening a new organization, you need to carefully monitor productivity. Then we can make a conclusion and choose an optimal system of staff incentives.

The causes of failures

First and foremost, the reason for a failed payment system can become the wrong criteria. In addition, the organization can encourage the principle of confidentiality. That is, the employee simply does not know how honest he is paid.

One of the main errors is the biased attitude of the Manager, which calculates the money depending on personal likes.

The optimal payment system will allow the head to influence the productivity of the staff. At the same time there is feedback for employees, which benefits the entire organization.