Advice 1: How to obtain your pin megaphone

PIN code- a personal code to access the services of SIM cards, including SMS, MMS and calls. It should be known only to the owner of the phone and no one else (neither the store staff nor of its Directorate). Such codes are provided to all, without exception, SIM cards mobile phones, including SIM-card operator "MegaFon".
How to obtain your pin megaphone
When buying a SIM-card it was attached to a rectangular plastic plate attached to the envelope. The remains of the plate to throw away is not necessary. It is located on the strip and around the strip words: PIN1, PIN2, PUK1, PUK2. RUB the strip with the edge of a coin or a fingernail next to PIN1. Under the top layer will be the combination of four digits. This is the pin.
If the map pin is not set, believe about the rest of the documents included with the SIM card.
If the SIM card is not purchased by you, or if you just documents stored in another person, check them out. Find and replace all codes new keep it in a safe, secure place.
If the pin code was not found, try to use combinations that are often put in the default pin-code: 0000, 1234 or the like.

Advice 2: How to restore pin-code of SIM-card

Secret PIN-code protects your phone from strangers. It consists of several numbers that only you should know. Each of us are faced with recovering a forgotten PIN-codeand phone. It always brings a lot of problems, especially if you need to make an urgent call. Why when entering the pin codeand not turn on the phone? The reasons may be different: you may have entered an incorrect PIN-code or there is a defect SIMcard. In this case, will only replace the card. Restore PIN-code card in several ways.
How to restore pin-code of SIM-card
You can recover the PINcode yourself. If you enter 3 times wrong code, the card is locked. To unlock you need to know the PUKcode of the card. If you don't remember and this code, contact your service provider. A call to the information service is free of charge. You can do it from another phone and ask for help in the problem. The operator can help you only when you provide the passport details of the owner of the card. This method will help you to save time and to quickly unlock the card.
If you are unable to remember the PIN-code on their own and the operator on the phone is also not able to help, then there is one last method of recovery code. You must arrive at signature salon customer service of the operator. Don't forget to bring your passport or notarized copy of your passport. The Manager can help you in several ways. If you have not included the phone only because I don't remember the password, the operator can view it on the program and notify you. If it turns out that the SIM card is damaged, it must be replaced. In this operation, your phone number will not change, and the balance will remain the same. This service is free and takes just a few minutes.
In the phone you will be able to help only in the presence of the passport of the owner of the SIM card.

Advice 3: How to know the code of the SIM card MTS

SIM card MTS has two code. PIN and PUK codes – numeric passwords to protect mobile phone. Together with the SIM card they are transmitted to subscribers in a sealed envelope.
How to know the code of the SIM card MTS
You will need
  • documents of MTS, passport, code word
If you have forgotten or lost your PIN or PUK, you can learn the codes of your SIMcards several ways: or to carefully read all the papers that you received with your SIM card, or visit the salon-shop of MTSor contact the call center of MTS.
Codes provided to owner. In order to find them, you must provide employees with MTS passport data or write a code word, if it originally installed.
If your SIM card is locked, you must enter the PUK code that you received in the kit with the SIM card when you connect to the network MTS. To set the PUKcode is 10 attempts. If they were not correct, the card is blocked completely. In this case, the subscriber of MTS will have to get a new SIM card. However, the phone number is saved, and SIM card is free.
Useful advice
If after three attempts of entering the PIN code on the screen of the phone is not prompted to enter the PUK code on the keypad of a mobile phone is to dial **05 *PUK*PIN #
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