You will need
  • Phone working SIM card MegaFon, additional phone with any other operator, the primary possession of the factory phone functions.
Pick up your cell phone with a map of the mobile operator MegaFon. Make sure that the device is on and in the network described above. Sometimes happen this situation: if you just purchased a new SIM card, the operator may not be able to activate it on the network and therefore calls will not be active. If all is in order, in this case, you should dial your own telephone contact number of the mobile phone that you previously took from his friend. After a perfect call on the screen of the second phone turns your own room, which is open in the selected network.
How to recognize <b>room</b> SIM<em>maps</em> <strong>MegaFon</strong>
Make a copy of visiteuses roomand in your phone, creating a new contact. Later you will be able to tell the cherished numbers to their friends and acquaintances, sending a message from the main menu of your phone.
How to recognize <b>room</b> SIM<em>maps</em> <strong>MegaFon</strong>
If you don't have a second phone handy, examine carefully all the registration documents you received when you purchased the SIM card or phone together with the SIM card with a pin code. If you don't find your room, then go back to the above-described embodiment, which in the majority is the best combination.
In some models of mobile phones in the service for a special graph – "my room". Write down your new room and remember. If necessary, you can always use this cheat sheet.
How to recognize <b>room</b> SIM<em>maps</em> <strong>MegaFon</strong>