Advice 1: How to check the SIM-card Megaphone

For the first time faced with a mobile operator MegaFon, you realize that your acquaintance with him begins. You will find out prices for calls and messages, to learn the working surface, but between all the other things you know and your mobile number, or in other words – the number of the SIMcard.
How to check the SIM-card Megaphone
You will need
  • Phone working SIM card MegaFon, additional phone with any other operator, the primary possession of the factory phone functions.
Pick up your cell phone with a map of the mobile operator MegaFon. Make sure that the device is on and in the network described above. Sometimes happen this situation: if you just purchased a new SIM card, the operator may not be able to activate it on the network and therefore calls will not be active. If all is in order, in this case, you should dial your own telephone contact number of the mobile phone that you previously took from his friend. After a perfect call on the screen of the second phone turns your own room, which is open in the selected network.
How to recognize <b>room</b> SIM<em>maps</em> <strong>MegaFon</strong>
Make a copy of visiteuses roomand in your phone, creating a new contact. Later you will be able to tell the cherished numbers to their friends and acquaintances, sending a message from the main menu of your phone.
How to recognize <b>room</b> SIM<em>maps</em> <strong>MegaFon</strong>
If you don't have a second phone handy, examine carefully all the registration documents you received when you purchased the SIM card or phone together with the SIM card with a pin code. If you don't find your room, then go back to the above-described embodiment, which in the majority is the best combination.
In some models of mobile phones in the service for a special graph – "my room". Write down your new room and remember. If necessary, you can always use this cheat sheet.
How to recognize <b>room</b> SIM<em>maps</em> <strong>MegaFon</strong>
Please note that cell phone in any case does not act as a mobile number. So if you don't put a new SIM card a Megaphone, then he will not be able to issue you a number.
Useful advice
Before leaving the office customer service, where you connect to your mobile operator, check with the Manager of your mobile phone. Perhaps you will have the opportunity to order the desired combination of digits, which will act as your mobile contact.

Advice 2: How to know your phone Megaphone

Today mobile phone you can see virtually everyone, regardless of age and social status, but to remember your number. Older people can't remember ten digits in because of their age, and young subscribers know that to do this, mobile operators have convenient services. Not an exception and the mobile operator MegaFon, which offers a few accessible ways to find out your phone number a Megaphone.
How to know your phone Megaphone

1. The use of the phone's functionality. In many models of mobile phones and smartphones enables the "My number" that can be found in paragraphs "Settings" or "Contacts". If the room is not identificireba the phone automatically, then you can write it in a list of contacts and quickly find when needed.

2. Service Checking your own subscriber number". Via short USSD-request sent to the service regional number, you can quickly know your phone number a Megaphone. Service as sending a team is free, however each region has its own combination of numbers in the query. To find out your own room, you need to dial:

*205# to subscribers of the Moscow, Ural, Volga and far East regions;

*127# - for residents of the Northwest district;

*105*1*6# - for the clients of MegaFon in the Siberian region;

*105*2*0# - for subscribers of the Central district;

*105*1*2# to subscribers of the Caucasus region.

After sending the request information about your room immediately displayed on the phone display.

3. The call to the operator. If you want to define your own phone number, you can use a telephone hotline 8(800)333-05-00 or call 0500, wait for the installation to the Manager and find out the number from his pre-answering ID questions.

4. SMS request. To find out your phone number Megaphone, you can send free SMS without text to number 00010505, after which the operator will receive an SMS with information about the mobile phone number.

5. Call or SMS to a friend. If it is not possible to send a request to the operator, it is necessary to make a call or send free SMS "Call me" friend or family member that will identify the phone number, or send it in the response message.

6. Appeal to the office of the Megaphone. To know own mobile number, you can go to the nearest office of MegaFon, and took with him a passport or other ID. Identifying the owner of the room, the staff will report it to the subscriber.

7. The website Learn your phone number Megaphone on the official regional website. To do this, log in, choose your region, sign in, follow the prompts and enter your personal Cabinet. In the upper right corner of the page displays the searched phone number.

8. Contract documents. Especially for cost-conscious users of mobile communication probably saved the documents in a SIM card and a contract with the operator MegaFon. Your phone number can be viewed there.

To quickly and easily find out your phone number if necessary, please make requests and service numbers in Contacts, and record it in the phone book that certainly everyone has.

Advice 3: How to check the operator MegaFon

Quite often customers who have just started to use the services of the cellular operator MegaFon, wondering about how to know your number. Depending on the model used by the mobile phone, the process of finding accommodation can occur in different ways.
How to check the operator MegaFon
So, take your cell phone into which the SIM card of the mobile operator MegaFon. Make sure it is enabled and working on the network of the above operator. Sometimes it may happen that you just bought your SIM card has not been activated yet, so the implementation calls blocked. If everything is in order, then use the easiest way to determine your own numbers. Ask the other phone and make a call to his number. Then write your number that flashed on the screen of another mobile in the contact book of your phone, in order not to lose it.
If you are not able to use additional mobile phone, proceed as follows. Carefully study all the documents of registration numbers that you were given when buying a starter package operator MegaFon. Phone numbers of MegaFon must be specified in one of the documents. If you have not found accommodation, take advantage of several options.
Go to your phone menu and find "Tools" or "Settings". In most phones in this menu there is a tab – "Your room". It is determined by the phone automatically, so you just right click the tab and you will see your and number.
In the case when all the previous options have not worked or you are unable to use the support of the operator. Call the 0500 number, wait for connection with the operator and ask him his number. Sometimes have to wait quite a long time, but if there's no other way, will have to wait. However, remember that the calls are not paid, so you do not worry about it.
Also, this mobile operator offers a service called "Know your number". It is available to all users of MegaFon, in terms of coverage and roaming. Previously this service was worth 1 ruble, but now the company made it absolutely free. To do this, type on the keyboard of your mobile phone combination *205# and wait until the number displayed on the screen or comes in the message.
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