Buying the SIMcard of the Megaphone, fill the contract invested in the box with the card. In the contract, you must enter the phone number assigned to this SIM card, complete and correct name of your plan (listed on the back cover of this booklet), your surname, name, patronymic and passport details. The contract is in two copies. One copy must be provided to an employee of the sales office where you purchased the SIM card. In this case, activation will happen automatically during the day. In rare cases, the activation time is three working days. Workday is between 10: 00 am to 18: 00 PM.
If the card is not activated, dial from any phone toll free number 8-800-333-05-00. State the problem to the employee call center support, inform where, when and on whose name it was purchased SIM card, telephone number.
Come directly to the office of the operator and contact the staff for help. In this case, the activation process can be reduced to several minutes.
Activate the SIM card by yourself, typing from a mobile, which has another SIM card of "MegaFon", number *121*PUK*Number# , where PUK is a secret numbers which are printed on plastic complete with SIM card and Number – the phone number associated to the new SIM card. Press the call button.
In the address bar of any browser, type the address of the service "Service Guide" network "MegaFon", enter your phone number and PUK as password. Fill in the required fields and submit for activation. In response you will receive SMS about the success of this process. Like ' everyone has regional representation. For example, for the region of Siberia in the address bar you must enter