You can recover the PINcode yourself. If you enter 3 times wrong code, the card is locked. To unlock you need to know the PUKcode of the card. If you don't remember and this code, contact your service provider. A call to the information service is free of charge. You can do it from another phone and ask for help in the problem. The operator can help you only when you provide the passport details of the owner of the card. This method will help you to save time and to quickly unlock the card.
If you are unable to remember the PIN-code on their own and the operator on the phone is also not able to help, then there is one last method of recovery code. You must arrive at signature salon customer service of the operator. Don't forget to bring your passport or notarized copy of your passport. The Manager can help you in several ways. If you have not included the phone only because I don't remember the password, the operator can view it on the program and notify you. If it turns out that the SIM card is damaged, it must be replaced. In this operation, your phone number will not change, and the balance will remain the same. This service is free and takes just a few minutes.