Remember, when and under what conditions the SIM card was blocked. If you made it yourself, it unlock will be implemented by the same method. For example, this can usually be done through your personal account on the official website of your carrier where there is a corresponding function.
Study the features offered by operator services blocking of the SIM card. Sometimes this feature is activated for a certain period of time, and only after its completion, you will be available to unlock.
Call the support service of your operator and ask them to unlock your room. The subscribers of "MegaFon" can do it by number 0500, customers MTS - 0890, and those who use the services of "Beeline", dial 0611. Employee support center may require your passport information, as well as to clarify the conditions under which the SIM card was blocked.
Please contact one of the salons of communication or customer care Department of your community. It is desirable that it belonged to the operator whose customer you are. Bring your passport, the SIM card and the documentation thereto, if any. The office staff will check "SIM card" and unlock it yourself if possible. For such treatment and order of service in the office, additional charges may apply.
If the lock SIM card happened without your participation, this could happen in case if you haven't used it. Usually in such cases, the operator records it as unclaimed and blocks all the operations on it. Unblock and fix it in this case is unlikely to succeed, because unused number is transmitted to another client. If you need a previously used number, contact the phone store and apply for its restoration.