Advice 1: How to activate SIM card

Activation of the first action provided for the SIM cards of most mobile operators. Some operators offer subscribers to do this on their own, others activate the SIM card for some time after the purchase of the contract.
How to activate SIM card
To activate the SIM card of the network "MTS" take any paid action: sending call, SMS, MMS or other. The card will be activated within one day after it.
To activate the SIM card operator "MegaFon", just refill your account. In the period from days to three, she will be working.
To activate the SIM card "Beeline" dial: *101*1111# and send the call. Wait until appears the message objectively, and start using the card

Advice 2 : How to activate the payment card MTS

To activate the card payment MTS in several ways: using the keyboard, via the short mobile number via SMS or landline number. But in the latter case, the call will be paid.
How to activate the payment card MTS
You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • - payment card.
For a start, erase the protective layer on the map to see its a unique code that you enter during activation.
Dial *111*155#. Then when you top your room - *111*1*1# a stranger - *111*1*2# and follow the prompts.
If you prefer to use SMS, enter in the message the card code and send it to the number 0850. When in your home network free.
If you want to replenish the balance on the phone, when roaming in the network of MTS call with his cell phone number 0850 and follow the instructions of autoinformer.
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