In case you forgot the pin code of the SIM card, locate the package in which it was at purchase. On the plastic card from which you removed the SIM card must be pin code and puck code. If you have already entered the pin code incorrectly three times in a row, you can use a PAC code to create a new pin. In case, if you lost the box from the SIM card and the plastic card on which it is located, you can contact the customer service center operator to which you are connected. Provide nameplate data and restore the SIM card.
In case, if you forget the password, locking the phone, then you have two choices: to reset your phone to the standard or to reset the information, completely formatting the phone memory. To reset your phone, you can enter the appropriate code. Go to your manufacturer's website, such as either Use the search engine to find it. Contact the manufacturer of your device, using the contacts published on the website and request a code reset. You can also request a code reset firmware. This code will reset all settings and destroy all your personal files stored in cell phone memory.
To remove the phone password and steal private information stored on the phone, you can also reflash the device. To do this, sync the phone with computer using data cable and CD with drivers, which are included in the phone. In case, if it is not, you will need to download the drivers from the official website of the device manufacturer, and data cable to buy in shop of cellular communication. On the fan sites dedicated to your phone, such as you can find detailed instructions for updating the firmware and the necessary software. Use only those variants that are confirmed by the positive reviews.