When you purchase cell phone you can ask the sales assistant to connect to and activate a particular SIMcard. You only need to choose any operator and favorable tariff for communication.
When you activate a SIM card you need to enter a unique pin code. It is located under the protective layer on the plate to which was attached the SIM card itself. This code is to remember, it must be entered each time the phone is switched on. If desired, the pin entry can be disabled in the settings of your phone.
If for some reason you bought the phone without a SIM card or just buy it separately, you can come to the service center, where will also provide the services of transfer and recovery of a SIM card. 'Service centers are usually specified on the Internet or on the brochures cell phone providers. It is important to note that registration and activation of the card, as the purchase occurs only on presentation of a passport.
If it is not possible to go to the salon, you can type in the web sites service providers on the help tab to get all the information on activation and additional services SIM card.