If a SIMcard registered to you, learn your PIN by phone, please contact the support center Beeline. To do this, type in 0611, if you call from a mobile number or 40-90-90 if calling from a landline number (specify area code). A combination of PIN and PUK codes you will only get after you call your passport data (number, series, place and date of issue). If the subscriber is a legal entity, you must call the INN and legal address.
Learn a new PIN and in the office of Beeline. There are based on personal data drawn up the application for providing the subscriber with PIN and PUK codes. The statement also includes specifying the phone number and serial number of the SIM card.
If you three times incorrectly entered the PIN code, SIM card will be locked automatically. In order to unblock it, use the PUK code. It is automatically linked to the SIM card with a PIN code. According to information published on the official website of Beeline, to unlock type the command "*05*PUK1-code*new PIN1-code*new PIN1-code (repeat)#call. Unblock PIN2 is possible by typing "*052*PUK2-code*new PIN2-code*new PIN2-code (repeat)#call.
At the request of the subscriber tied to the SIM card a PIN code can be changed to a more convenient combination of digits (preferably not too simple) or to disable this feature altogether from the menu of the phone.