You will need
  • Cell phone
Specification of the ID of the phone using an electronic service. Every mobile phone provides the possibility of clarifying a personal code of the device through the electronic service. In order to know the IMEI of your phone, you need to get on it the key combination *#06#. Right after you enter the last bars on the cell phone screen the information appears. Note that a similar method can be applied to each model cell phone.
Specify the identification number of the mobile device by looking for relevant information in documents on the phone or reviewing the phone itself. For this you need to tilt the back cover of the phone and remove the phone's battery. On the case you will see a sticker with information about the country of the manufacturer and identification number of the device. On some models of mobile phones code can be represented both in digits and in barcode.
It is worth noting that if you stole the phone, then when caught, the attacker identification number will be valid proof that the device belongs to you – it will be enough only to produce relevant documents.