Go to the website of the company Megaphone. Select in the menu located at the top left of the page, branch, and region in which you registered your SIM card.
Log in to the system "Service-Guide". The link to the page self-service system located at the top right of the home page of MegaFon. Enter in special Windows on the green strip in the middle of the page is your mobile phone that you are going to lock, and the code to access the self-service system, which was received by you previously. As password you can also use the PUK1 code, which you received when you purchased the SIMcard, it is listed on the cardboard box of the contract.
Get a password to access the system "Service-Guide", if you have not received it previously. For this enter from your mobile phone *105*00# and press the call button. After some time on your mobile phone will receive a text message with the number 495-502-5555 six-digit password, which is the access code to the system "Service-Guide".
Note the vertical menu on the left side of the page self-service "Service Guide". Click on the third line from the top "Services and rates" before you there will be an additional list of options for managing their data plan. You need the seventh row from the top (or second from bottom) entitled "Lock number".
Set the date from which you want to block your phone number. Pay attention to the fact that the lock is set for a period of 60 days, but if you wish, you can set a lower blackout period rooms. To do this, enter the date of unlock SIM card in an additional window. Remember that for blocking phone numbers is charged based on 30 rubles a month. Unblock SIM card from MegaFon can be on the same page.