If you can't enter the menu of phone , or to access any information due to the fact that there is a pincodecould be the following. Try to move your SIM card. If the password is not on the phone and on the SIM card, then rearranging them, you will be able to access the contents of the device. By the way, do not try to experiment and enter the pincode at random, because after three attempts the phone will be locked and then you have to enter the so-called Pak-code (on its introduction you have 10 tries).
If a pincode is again, on the SIM card, and it serendipitously decorated for you, simply contact the office desired operator and ask there to let you pin-code (think of something that you forgot).
If the password is on the phone itself, it is a bit more complicated. Initially, the phone has no password, it is set by the user. Sometimes it can be set to the default password (0000, 1234, depending on model of phone). It is possible that the user changed the default password on some other, known only to him. In this case, guessing does not make sense.
If we are talking about a new phone that belongs to you personally, then have a look at the accompanying documents. Usually, the pincodeyou are written in the instruction manual (standard 1234, etc.) or in the documents there is a card with access passwords, such "clues" can be found on expensive phones.
Take the phone to the person who will be able to crack the password. However, note that in some cases, the data contained in the phone, after this arrogant intrusion may be lost and unrecoverable. Therefore, referring to this kind of art, in advance discuss with them what and how you need to do.