The automatic activation numbers when you purchase the sim card of a network "the Megaphone" fill a contract, which specify the following information: phone number, name of the tariff plan name and passport details. One copy give to the employee of the sales office, keep one yourself. The activation will happen automatically within 1-3 days.
If the card has not been activated, call the toll free number 8-800-333-05-00 and present employee of the customer service the problem with providing all the necessary information. Or personally visit the nearest office of the cellular operator "the Megaphone".
To activate a sim card you can own. To do this, install in your mobile phone another active card and dial: *121*PUK*9ХХХХХХХХХ# and press the call button where the PUK is a secret code which is issued complete with sim card and 9ХХХХХХХХХ – the phone number you want to activate.
On the official website of the cellular operator "MegaFon" go to the "service Guide", enter your phone number and the PUK code as password. Fill in all the required system data and send them to activate. In a few minutes you will receive an sms message containing information on the results of operations.
To activate the sim card of "MegaFon-Modem", connect the USB device to a computer with Internet access. Log on to the official website of the company "the Megaphone" - On the page with login enter your username (ten-digit phone number), password (PUK) code and the security code proposed by the system. Hit "Enter". Now, using the prompts on the page, enter your personal data. The program will then check the accuracy and correctness of the entered data. If you encounter problems activating a sim card of "MegaFon-Modem", contact the nearest salon of cellular communication "the Megaphone".