Use one issued to you upon purchase of the sim card PUK-code, which consists of nine digits. After entering the mobile phone screen will appear a proposal to replace the PIN code that you have to come up with themselves. After this procedure, the sim card razblokirovat, and you will be able to use the phone.
If you incorrectly entered ten times, the PUK code, then you need to contact the main office of your mobile operator with your passport, where you will either give the code or replace old simcard to the new one. In the last case, to recover information that was stored on the map, it will be impossible, but you can use the same phone number and tariff plan.
Some mobile operators can provide the PUK code on the phone. To do this, call the toll free phone number of the operator, name your passport data and other information that can be requested from the operator. If all the data you call right, you say code.
Some mobile phones you can unlock, dial: **05*PUK*new PIN*new PIN#.
To prevent the possibility of blocking of sim card due to incorrect code is typed, turn off your mobile phone function PIN. But in this case, remember that in case you lose your phone your data held on your sim card, you will be able to take advantage of outsiders.
If the sim card has been blocked due to incorrectly entered the PUK code, your operator of cellular communication, for example, if you for a long time did not made the payment for the use of telecommunication services or just a long time did not use it then to restore you can apply to the main office of your mobile operator with your passport.