Forgotten pin code to restore it unless you can find the documents which are attached to the SIM card or Bank card, in other cases it can only go on obtaining a new pin.
To get a new pin will need identity documents and documents confirming that you are the owner of this pin (on the card).
If you forget the pin code of the SIM card, then you can try to pick it up. To do this, given three attempts, after which the SIM card is blocked. To unlock it will only help Pak-code which is placed together with the pin code. If the documentation and the card is not found after ten times of entering wrong puck code, SIM card will be locked permanently.
After the final blocking of the SIM card, contact the operator. Only the mobile operator will be able to unlock the SIM card and issue a new pin. There you will have to prove that your name has been issued a SIM card.
If it turns out forgotten pin code of the Bank card, the situation is somewhat more complicated. This pin, except you, to anybody was not known, and it under no circumstances fails. If I repeatedly enter an incorrect value, the pin card will be locked. To unlock it you need to call the Bank (help Desk), call the card number, password-identifier, which should be reflected in the contract when making the cards, and make application for zeroing the counter incorrectly entered pin-code.
Reset counter – still not an option, because if the pin is not remembered, then all efforts will be wasted. Money withdraw will not succeed.
The best way, of course, if not urgent need for the withdrawal to go to the Bank at the place of receiving the card, and make a request to reissue the card. Her number is saved, but in fact the map will be different, respectively, and the pin will be different.