You will need
  • utilities unlock;
The specific algorithm of unlocking the phone depends on your phone model. For example, if you use a Sony Ericsson phone, you can help a special program to unlock Ultimate unlocker and Sony Ericsson S1 Flasher & Unlocker. Install one of the programs on the computer, connect the phone includes a USB cable to a USB connector. When the operating system "sees" the phone and run the program, select in the menu the desired option and unlock the device.
To unlock the Nokia phone use the utility MyNokiaTool. Note that the computer must be installed Nokia PC Suite, it usually comes on the CD included with the phone. If the program is not, you can download it at this link:
After you have installed Nokia PC Suite, connect your phone, Windows should identify it. After that install and run MyNokiaTool. In the program window, click "Connect" and wait for the right side of the box "Phone connected". After that, click "Read code" on the right side of the window, see the code of your phone. If the phone is not detected by the program, it is also possible to unlock, but the technique is quite complex and requires specific technical skills. Link to material given at the end of the article.
Unlock any Samsung phone by using Samsung ALL Unlocker v2.2, it can be downloaded from this link: Another program of this kind is Paderf Unlocker v4, you can download it here:
You can reset all phone settings, including your lock code, the introduction of keyboard service team. Given that different models of cell phones a lot, look in the network information on unlocking your particular model. You can use the information from specialized sites devoted to unlocking cell phones.