You will need
  • Cell phone, passport.
In most cases, blocking of the SIM card of the cellular operator "MegaFon" is the result of long inactivity of the phone number. Period, after which it is locked the card is six months since its last use. Taking into account this fact, the SIM card should be used whenever possible (i.e. at least once a month you must call from the phone number). In this case, blocking will not occur. Also, the SIM card may be blocked due to negative balance on it. In such a situation to unlock it is enough to put the balance of the phone the necessary amount of money. Let's talk about how to unblock SIMcard mobile operator "MegaFon" in that case, if it was blocked due to prolonged inactivity.
Immediately noteworthy is the fact that the owner locked the card has ten days to take the necessary measures to unlock. If no action is taken, the operator will stop room service and put it up for re-sale (i.e. your room will be able to use other subscriber bought the SIM card).
If your number was blocked, you need to perform the following steps. If the SIM card was issued in your name, you will need a passport. Please contact the office of the cellular operator "MegaFon" please unlock the room. Show the Manager your passport as proof that you are the owner of the SIM card. This service is free, and the unlock is almost instantaneous. In order to avoid blocking of your card, try to use it as often as possible.