You will need
  • - the document proving the identity,
  • - a ticket.
On the Railways of the Russian Federation replacement of tickets in connection with a change of departure date is not provided. This is stated in the rules that apply to the Railways. But also, according to the instructions, you can take your ticket back to the cashier and buy a new one.
Before you change a travel document, check whether there are tickets available on the desired date, and only then return the old. For this procedure you will need the identity document which you purchased the ticket.
If you have an ordinary ticket, please contact the railway ticket office. Show the employee your documents, the ticket, explain the reason for its return. When you need to return the ticket that was issued to another person, you will need a power of attorney certified by all the rules of a notary. After the cashier checked everything, you will be given cash back.
When you need to return the ticket purchased via the Internet, go to the website, which was made the reservation. Please visit the page and discard it. Remember your order number, go to the cashier. Show the cashier all the necessary documents and take their money for the return travel document. Then buy tickets to the desired number.