Advice 1: What is the cost of a train ticket

The train is one of the most convenient means of travel. When price matters, it is important to know the current schedule and classes of trains on the desired route at the moment – depends on the cost of travel by rail.

Classes of trains, the categories of cars

Trains are classified into three groups: passenger, ambulance and specialty. Depending on the class of train, the ticket price will be different. Deluxe trains are the most expensive. If the choice is between an ambulance and a passenger train – more expensive.

The price of the train ticket depends on the category of the car - its comfort. Sitting cars in a simple train – the cheapest. Usually sitting cars are in the trains with duration up to 10 hours.

The car of a category "reserved seat" is considered cheap, but there are trains in which a car with reserved seats is the optimum price and quality. For example, in trains with a number less than "100" is quite comfortable economy class cars, and even better with a reserved seat in the company trains.

Compartment car is considered expensive - more comfort and amenities. But the most expensive — SW wagon, a sleeping car.
Even the cost of the train ticket depends on the season and popularity of the message. So, in the summer, in the holiday season, train tickets are more expensive than in autumn-winter period.

Sostavlyayuschie ticket

Regardless of class of train and the category of the car, the ticket price includes a fee for the use of the infrastructure of the railway, the charges for the carriage, Commission and insurance, Railways, as well as the costs of energy and salaries.

The fee Railways charged to the passenger if: a one-way ticket is purchased earlier than 9 days before the trip; purchased a return ticket; the fee charged for the reissuance, return, and recovery of lost train tickets.

The fee is automatically included in the cost of rail tickets. In order to save money, a train ticket should be purchased for 10 days or more before the departure date.

The price of each train ticket is included insurance fee. Passengers of trains of the Russian Federation are subject to obligatory insurance from the moment of boarding the train to exit station.

Services included in the price of all train tickets, except tickets for General cars. In the cost of services included bed linen, a travel kit of food, sanitary and hygienic devices.

Also the price of train tickets depends on the design of child or adult tickets, the availability of wi-fi and other services. Besides, if you have a bulky load, it is necessary to buy an extra ticket - is reflected in the price of one ticket and the total cost of the trip.

Advice 2 : How to find cost of train ticket

Travel by train is traditionally popular among Russians because of their relative cheapness. If you need to find out how much a ticket for the desired flight, but there is no way to quickly go to the train station ticket office, use one of the following methods.
How to find cost of train ticket
You will need
  • Phone or Internet access, passport data (for ticket purchase)
Information on fares can be obtained by calling a single information service center of JSC "Russian Railways" number 8-800-775-00-00 (toll-free). E-the answering machine will prompt you to select the desired item help menu by pressing a specific digit of the phone in the tone mode. Provides the ability to receive information through voice menus. To do this, clearly state the date of intended departure and destination points and departure. If you need operator assistance, select the appropriate number.
If you have access to the Internet relevant information easy to find on the official website of JSC "RZD". To view flight schedules and availability of seats in the carriages, it is sufficient to select the section "Passengers", and then enter in a special form desired search parameters.
If you are satisfied with the price and the right place is on sale, you can also purchase a ticket. However, it will have to undergo a simple registration procedure on the website and log in to personal account using login and password. Payment can be made by credit card, but only if its reverse side has a three-digit code card verification CVV2 (CVC2).
Orders paid for you, you can see in the personal Cabinet in section "My orders" in the left menu. Cancellation of order after payment and a refund to the credit card over the Internet is, you will have to go to the railway ticket office. Money for unused tickets are credited to the Bank card which you pay the fare, within one month from the date of refund at the box office.
Please note that booking of tickets through the website is not provided. Also not reregistered already purchased tickets; not issued travel international traffic in foreign countries and visits from third-party carriers.

Advice 3 : How to find the price

In order to calculate costs, if you are going to go with his family to relatives in another city, on vacation to the sea, etc., there is a need to find cost of train tickets. Of course, you can go to the station and stood in line at the cash register or help Desk, to find out interesting information. Try to learn cost of travel in a different way.
How to find the price
You will need
  • -computer with Internet access
If your house has a computer with Internet access, then find out the cost of travel to the desired point is quite simple. This information is available on the official website of JSC "Russian Railways". To get to the main page, type in the search box of your Internet browser the address: Follow the link and you will see the main page of the website of JSC "RZD".
On the left side of the page you will see a square box with the inscription in black "Passengers". Under you will see the line with the words written in a font red: Schedule, availability, cost of tickets". Below, one underneath the other, are three tabs: "Where", "Where", "date".
Fill in the blank lines tab, name the start and end point of their trip and the desired date. Moreover, the date can be written by yourself (written only the day and month), and can be inserted by selecting it from the drop down menu. To access it, click on the box on the right side of the string "date". For example, a point of departure is Moscow, the final destination of Belgorod, date – 20.10.
After the rows are filled, click on the Find tab located at the bottom of the window, on the right side. A page will open titled "Availability of tickets MOSCOW - BELGOROD on 20.10". The table will list all trains of the route "Moscow-Belgorod on the specified date, i.e. on 20 October of the current year. In the columns of the table you will see the train numbers, departure times and arrival time. In the column "Availability" will indicate the types of places: L-luxury, coupe, P-reserved seats, etc.
To view the cost of travel, select from the list the right train, highlighting by clicking the circle located at the beginning of the string with the number and train route, and click "Continue". It is located in the lower left corner of the page. Opens a table with detailed information for the selected train. In it you can see the types of cars of trains, their numbers, their availability, their number and type (top, bottom, side) for each car, and also you are interested in the cost of travel, including VAT.
Useful advice
On the website of JSC "RZD" you will also find information about discounts on travel and a flexible schedule of cost of travel by rail for the current year.

Advice 4 : How to look at the cost of long-distance trains

To get information about fares on long-distance trains, you can call unified information service center of "Russian Railways" on the phone 8-800-775-0000 or use the search system on the official website.
How to look at the cost of long-distance trains
Please visit the official website of JSC "Russian Railways", look at the upper left corner of the section "Passengers", click on the word "Schedule, availability of seats, ticket purchase".
Enter in specific fields on the opened page, the points of departure and arrival. If you know what station the train necessary to you, then click under the list you need, for example, "Moscow Kazan or Moscow Yaroslavl".
Select the date using the integrated calendar. Please note that sale of tickets starts 45 days before departure of the composition, so you can find out the cost of tickets for trains departing in this time period.
Click the "Buy ticket".
Examine the list of trains on a given route on the chosen day, they are listed in order of departure. Note the fifth column titled "Place/Value". Black numbers indicate the number of places available, red – the price of the ticket. Please note that compartment, second-class and cars class "Luxury" in a separate line. If you are interested in tickets for a different date, specify new search parameters, because in different seasons there are different increasing and decreasing rates, so the price can change.
Note that for some categories of persons are granted benefits when purchasing tickets. This list can be found in the same section of the website, the link is in the left side of the page.
Use the interactive terminals installed at major stations to obtain information on the cost of tickets. How to set the search options in many respects similar to that shown in the official website. You must specify the station of departure and destination, the date, and then follow the on-screen prompts.
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