Classes of trains, the categories of cars

Trains are classified into three groups: passenger, ambulance and specialty. Depending on the class of train, the ticket price will be different. Deluxe trains are the most expensive. If the choice is between an ambulance and a passenger train – more expensive.

The price of the train ticket depends on the category of the car - its comfort. Sitting cars in a simple train – the cheapest. Usually sitting cars are in the trains with duration up to 10 hours.

The car of a category "reserved seat" is considered cheap, but there are trains in which a car with reserved seats is the optimum price and quality. For example, in trains with a number less than "100" is quite comfortable economy class cars, and even better with a reserved seat in the company trains.

Compartment car is considered expensive - more comfort and amenities. But the most expensive — SW wagon, a sleeping car.
Even the cost of the train ticket depends on the season and popularity of the message. So, in the summer, in the holiday season, train tickets are more expensive than in autumn-winter period.

Sostavlyayuschie ticket

Regardless of class of train and the category of the car, the ticket price includes a fee for the use of the infrastructure of the railway, the charges for the carriage, Commission and insurance, Railways, as well as the costs of energy and salaries.

The fee Railways charged to the passenger if: a one-way ticket is purchased earlier than 9 days before the trip; purchased a return ticket; the fee charged for the reissuance, return, and recovery of lost train tickets.

The fee is automatically included in the cost of rail tickets. In order to save money, a train ticket should be purchased for 10 days or more before the departure date.

The price of each train ticket is included insurance fee. Passengers of trains of the Russian Federation are subject to obligatory insurance from the moment of boarding the train to exit station.

Services included in the price of all train tickets, except tickets for General cars. In the cost of services included bed linen, a travel kit of food, sanitary and hygienic devices.

Also the price of train tickets depends on the design of child or adult tickets, the availability of wi-fi and other services. Besides, if you have a bulky load, it is necessary to buy an extra ticket - is reflected in the price of one ticket and the total cost of the trip.