You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - Bank card;
  • - passport of the adult and birth certificate of children;
  • - a personal appeal to the cashier with your passport and booking number (not in all cases).
Go to the website "Russian Railways". In the upper left corner you will see fields for the stations of departure and destination and date of departure. Fill them and give the command to search.
On the new page you will see various travel options. You will have access to information about time of departure and arrival of trains and seats available in cars of different classes.To see the alignment of the upper and lower seats and the fare, you may click on the number of interested train. And then need to go back using the Back button.
Select the travel option and click on the "Continue" button. Then select any car and again click "Continue".
On the next page you can specify your requirements: the number of upper and lower, the desired range of locations. To implement popular request "is not near the toilet" note that the end compartment in front of this establishment includes the number of seats from 33 to 36. Thus, from such a bad neighborhood you protects range 1 - 32. Provided, however, that not all the tickets sold it. Otherwise you'll have to be content with what we have.You can also set the wish that the seats were in the same compartment.In open carriages next to the toilet are also side seats 37 and 38. Undesirable side seats in the reserved seat from 37 to 52. Sitting usually up to 60 seats.
When you go to the next page the system will prompt you to select the number of passengers and the number of children and adults among them. For one order you can place up to 4 ticketagents.Then you have to enter names and patronymic and passport number (or birth certificates) of all passengers. Then make a mark on the consent with conditions of purchase the ticketand click "Pay".
At this stage you will face one significant drawback of the website "Russian Railways". Then he will ask you to register or login. If you use this opportunity for the first time, no problem. Pass the check and continue. But when you try to buy a ticket again after authorization immediately upon entering the site, you to buy a ticket can not. Will have to go through all the steps, then login and go through all these steps again as a registered user.
Upon completion of checkout you will be taken to the payment page. This system takes you 10 minutes. Enter in the fields the card number, holder's name, expiry date and three digit security code listed on the back. Some banks may require additional authorization. For example, a one-time password by SMS.Upon returning to the site he will ask you to register on a train, if available.After passing it you should only come to the train with the documents of all passengers. Otherwise, record the order number and place the paper ticketin any ticket office of "RZD" not later than one hour before departure.