Specify whether you will be able to return the lost ticket. To help the company Russian Railways, the train on which you bought the ticket, must be domestic. Also this ticket must be purchased on the territory of Russia. To obtain a new ticket for an international train will contact the travel Agency or the register of foreign railway, where you bought it.
Contact the railway ticket office where you bought the ticket. Also you can renew it at the departure station or the arrival of the train. Are there tell the cashier the statement to the head of the station that you wish to restore the lost ticket. In the statement specify the surname, name and patronymic, the direction of the train and date of departure. Present your passport, which was purchased a travel card. After these formalities you can get to the checkout a second copy of the ticket. Waiting for the ticket will take one to two hours.
Pay a fee for obtaining a copy of the ticket. After that, if necessary, go to the train platform or back home or to the hotel. If you don't remember where you bought the ticket or departure date, contact the cashier station, where your train goes. He might be able to find you on the passenger list.
Keep in mind that to renew a ticket, you should only personally, as you will have to ask a Russian passport. If this is not possible, will issue a notarized power of attorney to another person.