You will need
  • - passport;
  • - ticket;
  • - the order number, if ticket is purchased online.
If you have been registered, you need to first log in to your personal office on the website of the Railways and abandon it. It can be done no later than one hour before train departure.
Even if you are doing electronic registration, it is advisable to look into the personal account to check the order number. It will need to tell the cashier or enter in the terminal when issuing the paper ticket.
Please contact any cashier Railways. Tell me about your desire to make a ticket, tell the cashier the order number and give your passport.
Tickets ordered and paid through the Internet, processed out of turn. But to return will have to defend it.
This will be the first for those who were issued a paper ticket at the box office and another for eating and paid for it over the Internet.
If at the station or in the Transagentstvo is not provided a special Fund for the return ticket, you can go to any cashier. Otherwise - in cash refund.
Give the cashier the ticket and passport. You will be notified about how much money you lose (the closer to the departure, the more per day and longer than just the Commission fee and fee for refund), and then will be asked to sign some papers and return the passport and the money owed.