When you call at the railway ticket office at passenger, there are several possibilities for the return ticket. If he turns up with a ticket 8 hours before the departure of the composition, the passenger has the right to receive the money for the fare to the cost of the ticket and reserved seat. With each ticket will be charged a small amount, around 100-200 rubles, depending on the cost of the ticket.
If the passenger changes the ticket 2 hours before train departure, he is entitled to receive the full ticket price and 50 percent of the cost of the reserved place. This method is suitable for those who have plans changed at the last moment, so to realize a return ticket for your rail company is quite difficult, but passengers do not have to rely on a full refund.
If the passenger cancels less than 2 hours before train departure, the money for the reserved seat will not be returned, you can only get the ticket price. If the passenger missed the train, it can also exchange his / her ticket within 12 hours of administration of the composition.
Exchange the ticket or get a refund for a travel document at any railway ticket office in the city. At some stations in major cities are equipped with a special cash return of tickets, the box office tickets for the return will not be accepted. Must wait in line twice: first to return the ticket, and then if you need to buy a regular ticket office new.
To return and purchase a new ticket and in commercial offices of railway tickets, furnished in a trade or business centres of the city. However, please note that these offices take their own fee for each transaction.
If the passenger was issued an electronic ticket, to make an exchange or refund it on the same site where there was a purchase. This can be as the site of the Railways, and the lifetime of any third party seller of tickets. Find the function "Return ticket" or "Cancel purchase". Having performed all the required steps, you will cancel the purchase of your ticket and will be able to order a new one if you need it. However, remember that cash for the ticket on your card can arrive within 30 days from the date of cancellation. It is normal practice for such a service, and worry for the long absence of funds on the card not worth it. When you refund this way with every excellent activity is also charged the fee for the refund.