Go through the Internet on the website of Russian Railways to buy a train ticket in the right direction (link can be found below). On the left side of the page you will see a search tab tickets. Enter the points of departure and of stay the train. Please note that when you enter data you will be prompted to choose not only the city, but also a certain station. Specify the desired date and click "search".
Wait for the next page where you will see a list of flights that match the selected parameters and the cost of tickets. You can also specify a more exact time of departure, and the passenger seat and carefully study the route to sort out the most convenient and suitable flight. Tick the selected option and click "Buy ticket".
Before you buy a train ticket at the website of the Railways, carefully check the scheme of the cars selected composition and a list of vacancies and their cost. Please note the icon "R" next to the name of the train and the car. Its presence means that before planting, you need to print out the purchased ticket from the section "My orders" on paper or saved in electronic form on your mobile device. In the absence of icons passengers should contact a ticket office station with your order number and obtain a special form of the travel document or to print the ticket in the station terminal.
To buy a train ticket through Internet at the Railways website only registered users are allowed, so on the next page you will be offered to register with obtaining a username and password. By entering the site, you will find yourself on the payment page of the ticket, which can be done in various ways, for example, through electronic payment systems or Bank card. In the end, the screen will display the order number or the electronic ticket to be printed, which depends on the conditions listed above.
There are special terms and conditions for buying tickets on the website of Russian Railways. To read them you need before you begin to select a flight by clicking on the link "terms of buying e-tickets" on the left. Here is in detail painted, what citizens are allowed to acceptance of the offer as possible to get or exchange a ticket, as well as other important aspects of the use of this resource.